French Open Final

French Open Final Game : For the match between Nadal and Tim, people are held in the Philippines-Chatri Court and start 14:00 (UK time). Or, “said Thomas Coach, Gunter Brien,” gives you some hope.Of course, there is no way in any way. Basically, there is no faith. But sure, there is little hope.Bronze is the hardest to try to slow down noodles in each of the top five games at their favorite level and in their favorite tournament.

Nadal compares 85-2 for the French final career, in the best advantage of 110-2 land.

French Open Final – Full TV Coverage

Spain’s 32-year-old is 10-0 in the Paris finale, winning each year from 2005-08, then every year from 2010-14, then again in 2017.

“In my opinion, every sport is the best sport in every sport.” It does not matter that the way to compete is incredible, physically strong and you know that if they do not want to love 5 love or love 5, they do not give you free view. “” That’s why a man in the last 14 years of a dirty tennis court It was like nothing else and no one would do it. “

It will take ten tournaments between Nadal and the theme. Everything is on the ground and Nadal 6-3, including Paris 2-0, in the first round 2014, the theme faded and a year ago the semifinals.

But if there are several joints in the final, it was held on 19 May 2017 in Rome and May 11, 2018 in Madrid. On the first day, Thom defeated slang 6-4, 6-3. On the other hand, Tim crashed 7-5, 6-3.

In the last two seasons, Nadal is 49-0 against another blue court.

Noodle, which needs to win on Sundays, must be held at # 1, “I know I have to do the most.”

In the third final, Alexandra Alexandereveven’s 2 seeds had the opportunity to repress the thematic opponents in the 6-4, 6-2, 6-1 victories.

In the third year, she was placed in the semi-finals at the French Open, number 7, a badminton held by 24-year-old Austria. Now he took the next step.

“Nalal said,” And here (and more) here in Rand Gares, because they know that “you know that when you start Mary deminch, it’s one of the players who win every tournament, let the opportunity be physically strong, it’s too much. ”
It can be

What is true: Thomas has never given the Grand Slam Final.

Nervals can initially also play nerves that will be referred to as the overall 17th title.

Carlos Moodle’s coach gave a snapshot of how the strategy would be on Sunday.

The champion of the French Olympic champion in 1998 said: “What will need to try in incredible situations and do it.” “When it’s over (Tim), it’s very dangerous. Once it’s running, it’s not dangerous.

The ten-match champion Rafael Nadal reached the 11-final final Open Open on Friday, and the title showdown with Dominique Thiem, the men used to do the stomach on the soil in the last two years only men, when they directly destroyed Juan Martin del Potroro in the fight.

Nadal, Grand Slam champion šestnásťnásobný, won his 85th win in Paris 2009. After winning on the US Open in Dale Potro, claiming to win 6-4, 6-1, 6-2 for two losses.

In his 24th Grand Slam Final, French festivals in Thiemo March Cecchini in Naldal will be completed and one victory will reach his first major final from 7-5, 7-6 (12/10) and 6-1.

The seventh seed is Thiem who is the first Austrian who ended the championship after the Thomas Jota in Paris in the 1995 Championship.

Nalal won 14 out of the last 17 games when Dale Putero did not change without leaving his seven breaks.

Now she is the only man to reach only 11 in the same slim, which is the Wimbledon Roger Federer tag.

Taim is the only person to beat Nadal in the last two seasons – this year Madrid and Rome are the year in 2017.

However, Spain was impressive on Friday, and 19 non-illegal errors were ended in 35 winners and del Pota 20 and 32.

The first World Championship has entered Friday’s 9-5 career against Daily Potterro, which includes all three meetings on the soil.

It was Dale Putro, who had grown a rally in the first set.

The fifth season played for the first semi-final of Rolland Garros in nine years, the third game had three break points and three more in the ninth game.

However, the 29-year-old player was not capitalist, and Noodle played in 10 matches when he announced that the opener was selected from a network’s baker.

Dale Putro asked the doctor that the first red spring in this spring was published in Spring Spring.

The second set was apprehended with annoying obstacles, slipping the 5-0 double break and lost the seventh break point on the seventh score.

Nadal pulled his hand, defeated the third set for 5-1 for the second double break, and Del Potroro hit a long sleeve when he was in the match.

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